The racing season starts mid March with the 3 Rivers race. This is a 5 mile course which goes under the Tamar Bridge and loops around the river. Testing your winter training, a sudden break in for the summer ahead!

In early May we go to prestigious World Pilot Gig Championships in the Isles of Scilly. Racing is carried out all through the weekend and the Scilly Isles becomes a mecca for all things Gig Rowing! Thousands of people come to row and spectate to create a unforgettable atmosphere.

Throughout the summer months we take part in Regattas up and down the south west coast racing against fellow local Gig Clubs.

In September the season finishes with the Cornish County Gig Championships which takes place in Newquay. This is the second biggest Gig rowing event to the Scillies. The event it split into two weekends. The first sees all Ladies crews race against each other. After a break of a weekend the Men’s event then takes place following the same format as the Ladies races.