Over winter it’s time to knuckle down with some good old fashioned training ready for the summer season of racing! Due to the dark nights rows are limited to the weekends only.

Saturday sessions will focus on technique. Our experienced Coxes aim to iron out bad habbits and work on form through the water! The best way to become a more efficient and confident rower, practice practise, practise!!

Sunday sessions will work on stamina. Longer rows here will help you when you need it in the future! These will also give you time to put what you have learnt on your Saturday session into practise.

The weather is always temperamental in winter and although we aim to be out every weekend sometimes sadly we cannot. If rowing please keep a check on your emails in the run up to the weekend. Our team captains will be keeping an eye on the weather throughout the week and will make a decision for the rows then. Please be aware sometimes this may be done down at the shed, if the weather is changeable it may be difficult to call.

Cattewater works on this system for safety reasons-

Gusting Winds of 40 mph or more = NO ROWING

Gusting Winds of 30-40mph = ONLY EXPERIENCED ROWERS & COXES

Gusting Winds of less than 30pmh = ALL TO ROW!